The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop explores migration and mobility by developing artwork, exhibitions, performances and public interventions. The artists of the MMTW have all been immigrants multiple times. Although they were born and have lived in different countries and speak diverse languages, they share the experience of “serial migration,” a concept developed by Susan Ossman in “Moving Matters paths of Serial Migration” the book that sparked the creation of the collective. The MMTW pursues this research probing how experiences of migration have shaped themselves and others through their art.

The art of the workshop develops in the image of the serial migrant, evolving through this process of progressive inhabitation. Each workshop includes a new mix of participants in a new country and type of space. Each focuses on a specific issue. The workshop links these meeting by including several past participants and artworks in each new endeavor. Videos of each workshop and the memory book project create and preserve the memory of the expanding and evolving group.

To date, the workshop has developed artworks, exhibitions, performances and public interventions in California, France, the Netherlands and Romania. Current projects include the development of an outline, participatory artwork.

The MMTW also inspired “Sea Seed” a play by the Los Angeles based Son of Semele Ensemble (SOSE).

Moving Matters Book CoverThe Moving Matters Traveling Workshop began in May 2013 as a creative response to the book Moving Matters Paths of Serial Migration by Susan Ossman.

You can read more about the book here.


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