The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop

The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop (MMTW) is a mobile collective of artists and scholars that evolves linking site-specific engagements in changing locations. The design of the project was inspired by the experiences of the serial migrant artists and scholars who founded it in 2013. Serial migrants have been immigrants, exiles, or refugees several times, in different locations. The MMTW follows a similar path, associating deep engagements with sites, publics and institutions in each new "home" with a long-term process of experimentation on migration and mobility.The unique design of the project generates a moving collective ground that inspires collective and individual art and research over time and across sites. As a counter-space- in motion, we critically apprehends the instrumentality of territorial discourses to develop evolving, performative art in sites conceived as meeting grounds. We draw on imaginative, sensory and conceptual practices that are often isolated by disciplinary as well as state boundaries.

Articles about the MMTW

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