Susan Ossman

Susan Ossman (Creative Director and Artistic Producer)

is an anthropologist and an artist who has made her home in France, Morocco, the UK and the US. In 2016-17 she is based in Berlin. Susan is known for  conceiving and shaping fields for research across artistic and scholarly disciplines that include exhibition, performance and community engagement. Her recent collaborative projects  include On the Line  and Lifeworks as well as  The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop (MMTW). While painting and installation art are central to her artistic practice, these collaborations have also led her to develop as a curator, performer and film and digital media producer. Susan  is Professor of Anthropology and Global Studies at University of California, Riverside and has published extensively on  globalization, migration, media, politics and aesthetics.  Her book Moving Matters, Paths of Serial Migration  provided the conceptual basis for the work of the MMTW.

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