Film about the MMTW:

Since 2013, the MMTW has developed in the image of the serial migrant, evolving through a process of progressive inhabitation.  Each workshop includes a new mix of participants in a new country and type of space. Each focuses on a specific issue. The workshop links these meeting by including several past participants and artworks in each new endeavor.  To date, we have produced over a dozen programs in venues as diverse as Amsterdam’s premiere archeological museum,  a Bucharest gallery once the printing factory of Ceausescu, the Chapel of Reconciliation at the  Berlin Wall Monument and Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam.

The first stage of our project  shaped a community of commonality. This set the stage for a space where people with diverse experiences of mobility can come together to  explore  how movements shapes us as subjects, including those movements required to stay put.


Methods of Collaboration: Watch us at work at the Allard Pierson Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities:



See additional films about the project:
Moving Matters Clichy, Directed by Joe Lukowski, 2014.
Moving Matters, the Art of Serial Migration, Directed by Alana You, 2013.

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