MAPQUEST asks participants to develop a personal world map in response to questions about their places of residence, their dream-homes, the places they wanted to move but could not, those they love and where they would like to die. Depending on the site, they sketch their maps collectively on the floor, large canvases or on individual pieces of vinyl or paper. The project sets the stage for exchanges about mobility and migration among participants and with MMTW members. The maps inspire on-site performances and the entire collection will be used in a works of digital sculpture

1 June 2018 :   MAPQUEST LONDON


Each major MMTW event is commemorated in a “Memory Book” prepared by one of the participating artists. The books are produced using the same template, designed to facilitate their being easily transported in a document box for exhibition at each new site.

More memories from Bucharest


The MMTW maintains a substantial audio-visual record of its art and activities. This includes footage of the production process, performances and interactions with collaborators and the public. These materials serve as a basis for studying and refining the methods of the collective. They have also been edited for several films about specific events. We are currently developing on a digital book about the collective.


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