Allard Pierson Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2014

Objects in/of Migration – Moving Matters Traveling Workshop

June 2014

Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam


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In Objects in/of Migration the artists of the Moving Matters Traveling workshop interact with the collection of the Allard Pierson Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities to explore the relationship of mobility to value and materiality. Does movement add to an object’s value? To that of a person? What cherished objects do migrants carry with them in their travels? What things are cast by the wayside by a serial migrant or by History? The artists pondered the interplay of memory and loss, materiality and embodiment in an exhibition and performance developed through interactions with the museum and its objects in an exhibition and a performance.






  1. MITEINANDER, Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein
  2. Bijzondere Collecties, Glukklya
  3. Multi-Culti hybride, Gluklya
  4. Exercises on perspective, (On inceptions), Alejandro Ramirez
  5. Sea Scroll (My Mediterranean Archeology), Susan Ossman
  6. Wood/Words: up in smoke (My Mediterranean Archeology), Susan Ossman
  7. Thé, tables, tabliers (My Mediterranean Archeology), Susan Ossman
  8. Kayde Anobile and Alexandru Balasescu
  9. Kayde Anobile and Alexandru Balasescu
  10. Kayde Anobile and Alexandru Balasescu
  11. culture/ˈ kʌ ltʃə / n, Blanca Casas-Brullet


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Alexandrian Encounters

Adam Berg


Wings of Migrants

Gluklya and Olga Sezneva


Donde Perdí Mi Inocencia

Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein

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